I used download director to get V7.1 and licensed programs.

I started extracting images from the zip files and can't match up the names easily to the document (included with the download). I'd hate to think using physical media is simpler (no doubt it's a major pain, especially when remote to the system).

I start with I_BASE_01 which seems to be LCD8_1902_01_I_BASE_01_Licensed_Machine_Code_RS_710-F.iso
Then I want B_GROUPx_nn which I have as:

When I look at the next part of the document, though, it says I'm looking for B_GROUPx_01 for 5770-SS1 options Base, 1, 2; B_GROUPx_02 for options 3, 5-9, 12, 18, 30; B_GROUPx_03 for options 14, 21, 22, 29, 33; B_GROUPx_04 for many more options... and B_GROUPx_05 for more options.

I guess I have those; I was looking in numerical order which apparently isn't how IBM thinks.

B_GROUPx_04 includes 5770-XH2 IBM i Access for Web and 5770-XW1 IBM i Access Family. I also have 5770_XW1_GROUP1_IBM_i_Access_Family_20100401_083518187.iso; is that a duplicate? My list like that goes on and on; that's just one example.

I have discs named with 5770_PT1_OPT_2, 5770_PT1_OPT_3, 5770_QU1, 5770_SS1_PSF, 5770_WDS (4 of these), 5770_XH2, a bunch for Websphere Application Server Express V6, Java Developer Kit. Others that, if I trust the name, I actually don't need because we don't have the software installed (like DBB2_Web_Query on 3 discs).

Do I just throw everything in an image catalog and let the system try to make sense of it? Every time I think I'm back on track I get derailed again. :)
Sean Porterfield

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