Dip the switches!

Yes indeed that's the answer but I'm betting you're going to want to know where them dudes are hiding. :-) On the 525 your FSP (Service Processor) is a card right in the middle of the system at the back. Disconnect any HSL and SPCN cables and the Ethernet cable to the HMC (WHICH is likely already disconnected because you don't want to use it any longer!) Pop the two blue handles and pull the FSP Straight up and out of the machine. Next locate the two switches on the service processor card. They are a) Small, b) Tiny, and c) Hard to find. (If you have the HSL daughter card attached to your FSP you do NOT need to remove that to find the switches.) They are on what appears at first glance to be a small DIP package. It does not matter what position they are in at this point, no matter what, switch BOTH of them to the opposition position. Re-assemble the system.

At this point the system will no longer know that it has had an HMC, won't know what it's IP address was ( for ASMI or HMC ) and will be reset to the factory defaults for the ASMI, and HMC Access passwords.

Note that this process will have no effect whatever on the IBM i (or AIX/Linux) partitions IP addresses, user IDs or passwords.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 10/26/2012 5:10 PM, Roberto José Etcheverry Romero wrote:
Hello all,

I've seen some cases where new POWER systems come pre-tested from IBM
configured to use HMC and it was a pain to change back. Now, how do
you change the service processor to stop being managed by the HMC? (in
this case i have a 525 with 1 partition that i want to move beyond the
reach of the HMC that used to control it). I think it had to do with
doing a factory reset on the ASMI but i figured i'd rather ask first
before having to re-configure the Service Processor...

Best Regards


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