Rather than assuming a any printer has a particular margin, set it the same on all with the CRTPRTF.
example: DEVTYPE(*AFPDS) PAGESIZE(51 134) CPI(13.3) OVRFLW(47) PAGRTT(90) FRONTMGN(.2 .2)
This article has some of the basics (which I know you are aware of)

But this article explains the way an overlay is created and why it can print within the margin.

(and finally, not to beat a dead horse, but IBM (and I do not speak for them) has at Common Conferences in the Q&A where several of us have pressed them about the printing issues, has also stated that, with development $$ allocation, they generally do not duplicate what the i-vendors have already supplied to the market (and this should make sense to your management) - and there are as prev mentioned several forms packages.

Jim Franz

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Yes - agreed. But with the other OS's this stuff is all part of the development studio. No extra charge. And it works seamlessly.

Requiring an i-series add-on product from a different vendor than the OS to do something as commonplace as printing a report with various font sizes doesn't seem right. And mgmt has a tough time swallowing that.

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