On Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:47:43 +0000, Alan Shore wrote:

QSHELL message 3489 is ENOSYSRSC. Approximately 95 percent of the time
this is caused by trying to run QSH from a subsystem where the subsystem
has a only a maximum active job of 1 (one). If you can run the command
interactively but not from your CL batch program, it is likely that it
is due to the maximum active jobs of the subsystem.

Had a similar problem recently, running a shell script in PASE. Maximum
jobs was 10 in qbatch. Does your script initiate any background commands?
How about executing sleep? Do you run anything within backquotes? That
and probably lots of other stuff too, run in a new shell, which counts as
another job. I saw messages in STDERR about being unable to fork. I was
lucky, it was a low resource job late at night. I just moved it to the
qsysnomax job queue, and everything was happy.


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