Sorry... totally missed this question when it first came out. Imma
ignore every other post and just answer with what I think first. :-)

1. I am pulling data from the IBM i and putting it on our internet
database server. I didn't worry about RI in my case mostly because I
am not using it on the IBM i. We just "slam the data" we need for the
web side and run a process nightly to pull from the IBM i and send to
the SQL Server doing a complete delete and refresh every night. I can
fill data from 3 applications (parking tickets, accounts receivable,
and utility billing) in less than 20 minutes.

2. This really depends on your system and network. Ideally, I would
have had a web service running between the DMZ and the intranet that
my web application would query directly off the production server (or
even better directly query the DB).

Is this the best way? Nope! I wish I could do #2, but this is what I
have to work with for now.

Mike Wills

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 9:25 AM, Stone, Joel <Joel.Stone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My company is replicating our I-series home-grown application to a .net platform for read-only. This .net app will provide customers with a typical web-based myAccount view as seen on many websites.

I have two questions for this forum:

1) For the read-only mirrored version on .net, does it make sense to have referential integrity (RI) constraints on file relationships? Either from a purist database design standpoint or from a common business rules standpoint? It seems to me that one HAS to assume that the source app has R-I that is intact, and it seems to be asking for trouble and headaches to try to enforce RI on a mirrored system that is read-only. This will require file loads and updates in a certain sequence, which could be problematic IMO.

2) Do other companies try to replicate an app onto another platform in almost real-time? It seems that it would be SOoooo much simpler to read the Iseries DB directly. Is this replication a common practice today? Or is it more suited to the 1990's?

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