I have been using a newsreader for midrange.com for several years. Much nicer than email.
- sjl

"Ken Sims" wrote in message news:mailman.4008.1348864877.2683.midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx...

And if you use newsgroups at all, considering switching from email to
newsgroup access. (Especially if you get the digest emails.) It is
so much slicker, elminates addressing issues, etc.

See http://news.midrange.com/ for the details.

David, thanks for making the newsgroup access available. I love it!

On Fri, 28 Sep 2012 10:01:54 -0500, David Gibbs <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


If I may make a request ... please don't use the REPLY TO ALL button when replying to a list message.

When there are too many addresses on a message sent to the list it's automatically held for approval ... and when you use reply to all, it includes the list address twice and the bounces address.

Just clicking reply should be sufficient to get the message addressed properly.



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