So share how you did this - SQL? APIs?

Hey - someday we may ALL have to take this test to keep our position that was recently outsourced to an off-shore outfit.

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Notice also that:

1) I asked what was meant by "reverse" (reverse of WHAT? Key? RRN?) and
the poster did not clarify, but merely restated the same question.

2) I asked for a definition of the file to read in reverse, and the
poster did not reply.

It sure makes me wonder about this OP!

FWIW -- I wrote myself a little CL program that does indeed read a file
in reverse RRN sequence. It works on any PF, and runs very fast. Not
sure I want to post it here, though -- I'd say the best answers have
already been given: "Do it in RPG."


On 9/11/2012 9:36 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
And in March

Really curious people?
Study question on some quiz prep somewhere?
Question sponsored by committee to kill productivity by sending talented
people on wild goose chase?
Will it next appear on as400specialists group in linked in?

This thread ...


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