DeLong, Eric wrote:
You really lament (resent?) the abandonment of 5250, don't you...

Actually, my sarcasm was as much for the sake of humor as for actual resentment of the way (1) IBM abandoned further development of 5250 at a time when it was more-or-less equal to XWindows, instead of expanding it, (2) IBM developed a bad habit of rubbing terminal users' noses in the fact that they're not using iNav, (3) IBM didn't bother with even rudimentary native RLA support for the new SQL-only data types, and (4) IBM could have done a much better job of integrating SQL into QSYS.LIB than they did.

But of course, "i" (or whatever IBM is calling it this week) does have the advantage that a reasonably competent developer or administrator can spend 100% of his or her time signed on with QSECOFR-equivalent authority, without screwing anything up so badly that it can't be unscrewed (unless he or she starts deleting user profiles with OWNOBJOPT(*DLT), without fully understanding the consequences). Compare that with Unix-type systems, where nobody in his right mind signs on as root unless it's absolutely necessary.


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