A few weeks back I dealt with an open relay issue on a 520 that I eventually got sorted out. At least I *thought* I got it sorted out. The biggest fallout was that there were a jillion spool files generated in the process and it took a dltsplf and a rclsplstg to get back some critical space. But I still have my suspicions that there are still files lurking. What raised my suspicions was that last night when I IPL'd the SNA Distribution Recovery step took over an hour. When I had IPL'd the system after the rclsplstg a few weeks ago the SNA Distribution Recovery step also took equally as long. Seems like SNA is "recovering" but recovering what?

So the questions are: Why is the IPL taking so long at that step (instead of minutes, like it used to)? Where should I look for "leftovers" after the open relay? Could there be undelivered messages queued up somewhere? WRKDSTQ shows nothing in any of the queues.


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