Jeff Crosby wrote:
I knew it had been change yet again, but couldn't find the details. This was in a e-newsletter I receive weekly:
I less and less understand what Tim writes. In any case, except for special bundled packages, I'm unaware of any change in the base pricing of the i products.

RDi still comes in two flavors, RDi and RDi-SOA. $795 per seat, $1995 per seat. This is an alternative to $795 a seat for ADTS (SEU and PDM). You are not paying for something you've already paid for, you are paying per-seat pricing for things that used to be bundled into the tier pricing of the compilers - the exact same change is happening for PDM and SEU. You can thank the folks that ran production on a P40 but stuck all their programmers on a P05.

And really, seat-based pricing for developments tools makes sense. What doesn't make sense is seat-based pricing for compilers; that should still be tier-based, but with perhaps a 10% kickback from the development tool sales to make sure Barbara and her minions (if there indeed are any left) get enough money to continue their unsung and underappreciated work on RPG. But that would make too much sense, and of all the groups at IBM, the ones who price tools are the ones who need to be beaten with a stick.

Personally, I think that every time IBM changes the pricing structure, the executive authorizing the new prices should have to phone 100 clients and explain the changes.


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