My point without stating it as clearly as Jerry did!

Also, I see a real difference in the way even programmers see this issue...
it's very common to hear that from 'independent' developers that are doing
work on a product of their own or contract work for various temporary
'employers'. They are focused more on the tools and a cycle of different
and sometimes (most times, maybe) unrelated solutions. I don't hear the
same complaints from developers that are working within the framework of a
business/organization/enterprise on a common set of apps/solutions and
similar end goals over time.

Different challenges, I know. The way I see it, some of the more vocal
posters here on issues like Steve mentions tend to be the independent type
developers. It's easy in that case to see why their focus lies where it
is. It also explains why mine falls where it does. ;)

Jerry Adams
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But does .NET run on a platform that is reliable enough to run your
business on? Not the business I work for. We've been troubleshooting
.NET, and Excel issues for about 7 days now that were triggered by a
installs/uninstalls of unrelated utility applications. I sure am glad
the databases and apps that are truly running our BUSINESS are on a
i5 running V6R1 (which converted thousands of 'old' programs, java
programs, IFS names, etc. without event a few weeks back and installed on
complex machines without a hitch). I guess we're lucky that because our
truly IMPORTANT apps run on the i, we had that extra week to troubleshoot
this goofy Windows issue we burned all the time on.

this all may be true, but the .NET approach of interop and code reuse
is a great selling point for the Windows platform. IBM i needs
something similar to compete. ILE was a good step in the right
direction for code interop. But since the 1990s, not much more has
been done on the language front. And what with the emphasis on Java
and now PHP, languages interop even less on IBM systems than they did
10 yrs ago.
This, too, may be true (frankly, I do not know one way nor the other), but
I seriously doubt that a salesman who is pushing a package (for any
platform) uses this as a bullet in his/her presentation/pitch. To a
programmer it might mean something, but programmers don't make buying

Jerry C. Adams
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