Joe Pluta wrote:
I *WAS* talking about solving problems.

All I'm declaring off topic is the comparison of EGL to any other language ... it causes too much rancor.

Solving problems involves presenting concrete solutions ... not comparing EGL's 4 lines of code to RPG's 4 lines of code.

I presented a very simple case: parse an HTML page. Several people
noted interest in it.

In any case, this isn't the right list for that. If someone wants to know how to parse a HTML page in EGL, that discussion should be on the EGL list.

I will, of course, acquiesce to your decision. But I find it very,
very upsetting that you are quashing EGL discussion, David. It's
unfair and biased and it really does a disservice to the community -
to the folks who could most use the tool.

Yes, I have my own opinions about EGL ... which are unimportant in this case ... this decision is *ONLY* intended to preserve the integrity of the list. Which isn't served by bickering about which language and/or framework is better.

This thread ...


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