Trevor Perry wrote:
If it is for system management, and I am out with David's wife for

Now you're getting silly ... and I suspect you're arguing just to argue.

I brought my laptop! My argument was, that if I need to access my
'system' from an iPhone, why are you limiting it to a 5250 emulator?

Who said anything about limiting it. Using a 5250 emulator is just one more tool in the repair kit.

The better reason for accessing my 'system' through my smartphone is
to access an ~application~.

I've yet to see a month end process that could be run through a web interface. Of course my experience of late in the end-user application environment is somewhat limited. Seems to me, however, that this kind of application hasn't changed much.

I'm talking about system administration and problem determination ... not normal user interactions to an application.

Responding to messages, submitting jobs, displaying data areas, displaying physical file data, etc.

Yes, it would be great if you could do everything on your system via a web app ... but guess what. You can't. You can't on the i, you can't on linux, and I don't think you can even on Windows.

My perspective is that I spend lots of time in the year talking about
strategy and modernization.

Which, imo, is great ... but doesn't really apply to system administration and trouble shooting.

On this list, we talk about 'system' as though it is everything. From
a user perspective, they should only know about apps.

And I don't think anyone has suggested a 5250 app for iPhone be used by end users.

P.S. I don't think David brings a laptop for lunch with his wife, nor
does he actually need one!

Very true ... but I do bring my iPhone.

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