In fact I think you'd find that the majority of Unix/Linux admins use a
CLI for their work.

I issued a poll of sorts on Broadbandreports some time back asking just
this question, and of the responses (50 or so IIRC) the overwhelming
response was CLI every time.

No argument either way really just interesting information. Frankly the
iPhone is being positioned as a handheld computer. Something you can use
instead of a laptop. As such, having an emulator on it makes some sense,
even if the text entry isn't going to be the most efficient.

Regardless I look at computing tools the same way I do my hand tools.
You can't have too many.

: )

On 7/25/08 9:56 AM, "rob@xxxxxxxxx" <rob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I use iNav regularly. However there are times when I find a command
useful. MS recently released a server model that was command line
Many Unix dweebs scoff at some gui and prefer command line interface.
screamed at IBM when they tried to drop the Application Development
portion of iNav to manage semaphores and shared memory. Their
was that unix dweebs argument. My argument was that Application
Development was often used by non programmers in Domino shops to slay
errant items. I won.

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