On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 3:20 PM, Wilt, Charles <WiltC@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
With the right OS permissions, you can open the file and read/write to it with any program you want.
Of course the format is pretty complex, but if you're smart enough it can be done.
Actually, IBM i does have a similar interface that I'm pretty sure doesn't go through the DB. Service
tools includes a hex editor that allows you to edit most (all?) objects on the system directly. And
before Dave jumps in, this isn't the same as the hole describe above since the service tools have
their own set of user IDs and authorities. A standard OS user with authority to the file would not be
able to use service tools.

And neither would a user with authority to a specific database or
table would have access to the underlying database files. In fact, it
is very unusual that someone who accesses a database has
administrative privileges on the database server itself.

As such, the level of security provided on the i and on any competing
platform is exactly the same. You will need a high set of privileges
to access the extended SST functions for directly modifying storage,
and you will also need a high set of privileges to directly modify
database files on a Windows box.

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