You can have lots of Profiles that contain the same or overlapping
required resources. However, only the first partition to be activated
gets the resources. First come, first served. If you try to activate a
profile that requires resources that another profile is already using,
the activation will fail since required resources are not presently

To merge the LPARs, figure out which LPAR will absorb the hardware from
the other. For the 'surviving' LPAR, edit the Partition Profile. Add
in the new required hardware. As profiles are independent of the
activated partition, you can do this while both LPARs are up.

To actually merge the partitions, do a GO SAVE/21 on both LPARS. For
the survivor this is a just-in-case. For the one you're getting rid of,
you'll use this to restore libraries & data. Then bring the LPARs down
(PWRDWNSYS RESTART(*NO)). Activate the Partition Profile you updated
earlier. Delete the profile of the partition that no longer exists.
From a hardware perspective, the LPARs have now been merged.

In the surviving LPAR, go into Service Tools and add the disks to the
ASP. The content of the drives (from the now-dead LPAR) will be unusable
(at least for system ASPs anyway) so when you add them to the ASP
they'll essentially show up as blank drives. You may get a warning that
they contain data. If the drives were already in a RAID or mirroring
setup, that will be preserved. Other hardware resources should
auto-detect as they normally would.

Note that this does not cover merging libraries, user profiles, IFS
spaces, and anything else. When you bring up the new partition the
disks will be essentially empty from an OS perspective. Be sure to do
something like STRASPBAL *CAPACITY to balance the data on the drives.
Then restore your data from the other LPAR's save tape made earlier.

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