Yeah...kind of what I was trying to avoid too.

I did know about the FNDSTRPDM command, but thought that was a pain in the
butt way to do this since I didn't want to have to write my own code to
search a variable list of files. I mean, I could go that route, but I was
really hoping someone already had a freebie utility or other way to do this
that did not require so much manual intervention.

Grep might work, but if I remember correctly, there are limitations with
externally described files that requires an SQL front end to make work.

Mapping a drive is an option but it's a slow connection both ways and I
might be here till this time next year doing that.

WRKF? Not sure how you'd use that to search the contents of a file...

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Shannon O'Donnell

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Did a WRKF but don't find any FIND command on one of its screens. I HOPE
you don't mean put some indicator beside EACH file that displays in the list
and then go into that file and use a FIND. That's WAYYYYYY to old world.

Guys, a modern OS has to have modern functions. Even though I HATE to say
this, look at how Windoz does the SEARCH..., you tell it what libraries you
want to look in and it allows you to find a character string and/or a file
type ANYWHERE on the machine NOT by putting some parm beside EACH file and
putting in a FIND criteria while editing or browsing each file; how


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