CHGPF has been around since at least V3R1 (I can't find a reference as to
when IBM introduced it, but I do remember it being a very nice new

There are some limitations to be aware of, especially if your logical file
list their fields in the DDS, as opposed to just listing keys in the DDS.
If the logical files list all of the fields, those definitions (including
field length) will not be changed by CHGPF. If the LF just lists keys in
the DDS, field length changes and new fields will be included in the LF
when CHGPF modifies the PF.

Generally, CHGPF will set the PF and all LFs back to the original state if
it determines it cannot complete the command.


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Hmm. I don't recall ever hearing of a CHGPF command before. Yet our V4R4
development box appears to have one.

Does it really allow one to restructure a PF without having to go
through the old turkey-trot of renaming it, compiling the new version,
and copying the records over? Are there any limitations, compared with
doing it the old-fashioned way?

And when did IBM slip it in without our noticing?

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