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Which makes absolutely no sense. Given that i doesn't directly access
the drive anyway, and relies on VIOS to handle the disk io (including
translation between 512 and 520 byte sectors) why the hell should they
care what the underlying technology is. Hell, in a SAN the LUNs
themselves are effectively virtualized, so again, why should IBM i care.

In case of the BladeCenter S, the drives are accessed by VIOS directly
using the SAS Controller / SAS Backplane / SAS Switch in the
BladeCenter S.

This is not a SAN - it's direct access to the disks (which also means
your options for RAID levels are restricted to RAID1/0/10).

In case of the BladeCenter H, you can use FC to connect to a SAN - in
that case you could use SATA/FATA Disks. This also allows the use of
RAID5 or RAID6, which are not a possibility on the BladeCenter S.

See here:

Point 4.2:

Use Fibre Channel (FC) drives (and not SATA or FATA) to create the
RAID ranks for
production IBM i workloads

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