In a perfect world.

For now

I'd want my two processors split up equally between dev and production.
1 processor set to each with no sharing amongst them if one is not using
the full processor amount.

Later on down the line....i can play around with the capped mode
And the weight if I need to.

But in reality I'll probably just set the production to 1.5 processors
And the dev to .5 and we will be happy (or something close to that)

I guess question #1 would be.....what does "RE-ACTIVATION" mean?
Is that RESTART PARTITION or SHUTDOWN PARTITION (and then restart) from
the HMC.

Question #2 would be if I don't want to play with virtual processors
What should I be looking at.....i don't see anywhere else where I can
How many processors would be delegated to each partition.

Thanks in advance.

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First and foremost remember that these changes don't take effect
an IPL, but on a RE-ACTIVATION of the partition. That is when the
properties of the partition are re-read. A PWRDWNSYS doesn't get the

You played with virtual processors, which isn't what you want.

First, you didn't really say exactly how you wanted the distribution
Prod and Dev. Don't forget one advantage of shared processors is the
ability to use uncapped so that when a partition isn't using processor
resources the other partition can use them if needed.


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We just put in a code to activate the 2nd processor on our 520.

So now on the HMC I see we have 2 installed processing units.

We have a dev partition and a production partition.

I went into the DEV partition

And under properties (in the processor tab) set

Processing mode: Shared

Minimum Process units : 1

Desired Processing units : 1

Maximum Processing units: 1

Minimum Virtual Processors: 2

Desired Virtual Processors: 2

Maximum Virtual Processors: 2

Then I did an IPL of the dev partition.

Is that the right thinking/setup if I want to set it up

So the most it will ever use is 1 processor out of the 2 we
that the production one could be setup the same.

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