Main production lpar runs payroll, accounting, ERP, guests a linux lpar,
controls an iscsi blade center and everything else under the sun, AND,
supports ELEVEN Domino partitions.
We have another lpar supporting just 3 Domino partitions but that's our
We have another lpar supporting all development, and, two Domino
We have another lpar, on a different box supporting just domino but eight
Domino partitions.

Domino I can see breaking up into multiple DPAR's but on just the one
lpar. The DPAR's are so that when one Domino server goes bonkers you can
drop just that one Domino server (which has it's own dedicated subsystem
description) and run special utilities like DLTDOMSEM and DLTDOMSMEM that
tie themselves to that particular server. (These deal with Shared MEMory
and SEMaphores.)

Rob Berendt

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