There's no reason to LPAR just for Domino that I can think of, it just
wastes space and resources. I would recommend running Domino in its own
memory pool for performance. Make sure that you have *enough* main

See Separating Batch Work from *BASE at:


Scott Ingvaldson
Senior IBM Support Specialist
Fiserv Midwest

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Subject: Native Domino - to LPAR or not to LPAR, that is the question.

What is the general consensus on whether or not you need (or should) run
Domino (for email & Sametime) in a separate LPAR? I can't really think
of a lot of advantages, just disadvantages like:

- more maintainance on the LPAR for release upgrades, PTF's, etc.

- a more expensive system because of the LPAR driving requirements for
additional disk controllers and disk, driving a requirement for an
otherwise unneeded expansion unit, etc.

- more PC server like in that you end up with unused processor and disk
resources that would be better utilized if Domino was running in teh
main system/partition.

I can't think of any cases where errors in Domino would cause a
production system/partition to crash - but has anyone experienced that ?

Neil Palmer, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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