Thanks Larry. I was leaning that way but it is rather peculiar that IBM doesn't have some kind of system value to deal with the weak UPS battery condition. The equivalent being the cache battery on the RAID controller. IBM doesn't automatically degrade the disk performance, they first give you a heads up and later degrade the disks when they calculate that its time to replace the battery. It would be nice if IBM had a setting that gave you the option of issuing a warning message on the weak battery condition and a time frame of up to 30 seconds of outage before shutting down the system on a loss of power with weak batteries. Just assuming that the weak batteries aren't enough to handle even the most transitory of power flickers seems an bit extreme.

Having JUST replaced my cache batteries last week, I am suffering from battery fatigue I guess. I'll trundle down to my favorite battery place tomorrow and pick up some new ones....hopefully before Rocky Mountain Power sends me a "flicker" again. Once I take care of that I WILL take a look at a program to be more reasonable about when to shut down the system.


Larry Bolhuis wrote:
The short term solution is to pull the cable from the UPS to the 270. Of course this way if there is a real power outage you run until those weak old batteries area actually dead and then 'thud'.

Better would be a program handing the power rather than IBMs build in code. This way you can do whatever you want. Set a message queue other than QSYSOPR (something like QUPSMSGQ for example) .and then set a break handling program on queue. The program then does what YOU want it to do.

Best of course is new batteries. But you knew that. :-)

- Larry

Pete Helgren wrote:
It is set for 300 on this 270. I *think* that means that it should wait for 5 minutes before beginning the shutdown but it appears that when it detects a "weak battery condition" then it ignores the value and just shuts down on its own.


Lukas Beeler wrote:
What's your System Value QUPSDLYTIM set to?

It should _NEVER_ be on *CALC with "normal" Systems. I usually have set
it to 300.

*CALC is only used for Systems with an internal UPS. Those no longer
exist. And the 270 didn't have an internal UPS.

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