$3.05 in California
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I once saw a dump truck driver dump his load without releasing his 
tailgate.  When the dump body went over-center, the truck reared up on 
its back two wheels and then the frame bent in half and the front two 
wheels dropped to the ground.  Someone said that that was one 
ever-so-fired truck driver and his boss said "No WAY.  That guy will 
never make that mistake again, and I'll be damned if I'll let another 
outfit gain the benefit of this training!"

So, I betcha this department, including the dude or dudette, will be 
more careful about Ooops Planning from now on.   As to the $225,000... 
hey, its money into the local economy, right?  A good thing.  And its 
certainly not a major amount of money, especially with $2.30 gasoline.

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