I have a CL pgm calling an RPGLE pgm that expects two variables.


The two variables created in the CL are defined as *char and len=40 which is the same as in the RPGLE pgm.

I know this works as the CL dump shows the variables at len 40 padded with blanks on the right.

&IFSDIR                  *CHAR           40
'/xfer/Tst/Out/UPSscs/Pick' 61A786859961E3A2A361D6A4A361E4D7E2A283A261D78983 +26 'Ticket/ ' E389839285A3614040404040404040

&IFSFIL                  *CHAR           40
'TSTBR20061124114711.I1INP' E3E2E3C2D9F2F0F0F6F1F1F2F4F1F1F4F7F1F14BC9F1C9D5 +26 'T00 ' E3F0F0404040404040404040404040

When I run the pgm from the command line with variables padded with blanks the pgm works fine.


When I run the pgm from my CL it fails.

Parameters passed on CALL do not match those required.
Error found on CALL command.
CPF0001 received by SFTP2UPS at 5500. (C D I R)
Function check. CPF0001 unmonitored by SFTP2UPS at statement 5500,
instruction X'003B'.

Jerry Draper

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