This is more of a networking issue than an AS400 issue.  If your AS400
already has the ability to reach the internet through the router, then
you have all the routing entries you need in your AS400, that is the
default route.  The rest needs to be handled by the
routers/firewall/networking.  I suggest you refer them to a network
professional to bridge the two networks together and add the appropriate
routing entries into the routers.

What ever the IP address of the router providing the
DHCP need to be the *DFTROUTE in your AS400. 

Christopher Bipes
Information Services Director
CrossCheck, Inc.

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One of my clients wants to allow the rest of the company to access their
AS400. Network A has its own internet connection and a router using DHCP
handing out addresses in the range - .254. The other network
(B) has its own internet connection and a router giving out addresses in
the - .100 range with the AS400 being at 2
questions, I guess. How would I set up the 2 routers so network A could
see the AS400 and what routing entries would I have to put in the TCPIP
config of the AS400?

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