Hi Brian,

This is a rather basic networking issue. With all the information, you
didn't really specify what you want to achieve:

I assume your System i is sitting in Network A, with some IP Adress. Are
the two Networks at different, physical location? 

If yes, how do you want to achieve physical interconnect?

Ethernet? Leased Line? WLAN? VPN over Internet? Much more information
would be needed if that's what you wanted.

If they are at the same physical location, things are a bit easier.
However, there are still questions to be asked:

Do you want your System i to be multihomed (with two Ethernet Adapters,
one in each network)?

This would require a second Ethernet card (if you're not running an i5,
the i5 already have two Ethernet adapters). You would then need a line
description, and add a new IP Adress.

Or do you want to interconnect the two networks, so that every machine
can reach every other machine (not just your System i)?

You would need a router, to connect the two networks together. You could
combine this with a Multihoming, essentially making your System i a
router. I wouldn't do that, however.

If you plan to get this into production quality rather fast, I would
recommend you to consult someone with a network background, to give your
customer the best service possible. Networking isn't that difficult, but
for a customer you have to get it right on the first try.

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One of my clients wants to allow the rest of the company to access their
AS400. Network A has its own internet connection and a router using DHCP
handing out addresses in the range - .254. The other network
has its own internet connection and a router giving out addresses in the - .100 range with the AS400 being at 2
I guess. How would I set up the 2 routers so network A could see the
and what routing entries would I have to put in the TCPIP config of the




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