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One of my clients wants to allow the rest of the company to access their
AS400. Network A has its own internet connection and a router using DHCP
handing out addresses in the range - .254. The other network
has its own internet connection and a router giving out addresses in the - .100 range with the AS400 being at 2
I guess. How would I set up the 2 routers so network A could see the AS400
and what routing entries would I have to put in the TCPIP config of the

Denis replied with a good solution; creating a VPN between the locations.

There is another .. you can use the SSL capabilities of the iSeries and
Client Access.  I believe that the process would be ...

1. Get SSL going on the System i. That topic has been dealt with thoroughly
on this list -- the hardest part is figuring the certificates out.  Check
the archives for more details.
2. Get Static IPs from the ISPs for the outside interfaces of the two
3. Setup the B network router to allow incoming telnet ssl traffic (port
992) and forward it to the system i.
4. Setup the A network router to allow outgoing telnet-ssl (992) traffic.

Note - if you aren't concerned about security, you can use unsecured telnet
-- skip step 1 and do steps 3 and 4 for plain telnet (port 23).

Good luck.

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