I love my Ops Console direct attach because I can do my RCLSTG, PTF IPLs,
etc from home while watching TV.

That being said, when I upgraded from V5R3 to V5R4, Ops Console tanked
completely.  If I had not had a twinax card to where Supportline walked me
through the switch to a twinax console, I would have been DOA.  And I _did_
the prep work that was supposed to be done to the console prior to
attempting the upgrade.

Ops Console tanked because IBM "rewrote it from the ground up" (Supportline
words) for V5R4 such that it no longer worked via the Belkin USB-to-serial
adaptor.  Supportline and I did not figure that out until sometime the
following week.  My IBM BP ran into that same issue when they tried to
upgrade to V5R4.  AFAIK, ops con direct still will not work via
USB-to-serial adaptor.

The only twinax tube we have left is just for such an occasion, should it
occur again.  You'll get that twinax brick and sundries when you pry them
out of my cold dead fingers.  And that's the only reason for twinax in our

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