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<Steve said...>
what technical reason could there be that it would not work? MSFT is
really good about maintaining backwards compatibility.

Really?  That sure doesn't seem to match MY experience with MSFT.....

Have you been drinking Mr. Bill's happy juice again?

If not, then perhaps you can explain what you mean by this....

I can try ... What problems have you had with MSFT software?  My
experience as a programmer is that MSFT is by far the best in terms of
the programability of their products. Linux does not have an exception
handling model, no basic call stack support and knows nothing of
managed code. The end result is a Perl program knows nothing of Java
which cant interact with SQL procedures, PHP, etc. At least no where
to the degree that modern applications need these languages to work
together.  The i5 is a bit better because it has 15 YO ILE but the
grafting on of PASE binaries and SQL procedures has been kludgy at
best. MSFT's .NET is proving itself to be everything the smart people
who created it said it would be.   Programming .NET, esp at the
beginner's level, has never been easier.   They made over $4B in pre
tax profits this past quarter - that tells you a lot of customers like
their products.


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