Actually, I think when you order the cume via FTP it also comes with the 
hiper and database group.  Ordering that way also gets rid of the chicken 
and egg argument.
From the file ilstCUME.txt in my download:
PTF#      Reason PTF Listed    Status            Product    Mod Lvl 
--------  -----------------    ---------------   -------    --------
MH00651   CO-REQ OF    MH00681 Sup'd by MH00677
MH00666   CO-REQ OF    MH00683 Sup'd by MH00677
MH00637   CO-REQ OF    MH00674 Sup'd by MH00677
MF37730   ORDERED              Sup'd by MF39573
SF99504   ORDERED              <<< Shipped >>>   SEL Lst    V5R4M0
SF99539   ORDERED              <<< Shipped >>>   SEL Lst    V5R4M0
Then I just load this image catalog all at once.

I order all groups and put them into a different image catalog.  I used to 
pick and choose applicable groups but now I just order them all for my 
version of OS.  With multiple lpar's running different products and God 
knows how many times we add a product after we put on the cume and groups 
and now have to reinstall them.  Having the latest already downloaded 
makes it really easy to reapply.

Rob Berendt

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