I will be nice and not name names, because we may have to do 
business with them again in some future reality, and the 
consultancy company does have a heck of a lot of extremely 
competent people.  I will give you some clues ... we recently 
get a call from them.  They say they been studying lots of 
different ERP because BPCS has some serious problems & they 
invite us to a seminar about what they found out about 
superior alternatives.  They studied nothing, they not 
explaining pros & cons of alternatives, they really in a deal 
with Microsoft to persuade all their AS/400 customers to 
leave IBM and go on some vastly inferior ERP on .NET.  This 
same company was formerly a business partner of both SSA and 

Al Mac

some days we are the pigeon and some days the statue
I have now had several weeks of being the statue

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Hmmm - we had consultants with similar dumb decisions at my 
employer during a BPCS installation. They were having 
problems programming
and running into authority issues. Well freakin' a - we had 
a secure system.

They came to me said I needed to run GRTOBJAUT *All/*All and 
then they would
be OK. I said "You've GOT to be kidding ? No way. Let's work 
together to
figure out solutions to the problems you are having." Seemed 
logical to me. 

But he didn't like that and went to my boss who comes to me 
and asks me why
I won't do what they were asking. This was a VERY sensitive 
political mess
because the BPCS installation was replacing a home grown 
system. I came into
the home grown system way late and didn't write NEAR as much 
as others had.
So anyone mentioning ANYTHING that could be construed 
as "negative" to BPCS,
even it I was a legitimate concern, got a bad rap/branded.  
So I told him my
concerns and the holes something like that would open up and 
that I had
offered to help them figure out their problems and that he 
had said no, do
it. And my boss said to do it. And I said, "OK I want 
something in writing
that says you said to do this despite my being against it" - 
and he did it.
Unreal. True Dilbert moment.

I bet I can guess these who these consultants were...



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