Is it feasible to make a new version of the utility, with the *CHAR 10 
parameter, and gradually switch the calling programs to this new version?

That's what we do when a change in parameter (number, type, length, ... ) 
is too extensive to do in one sweep.


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CL Program parm size change

I have a command/cl utility where I need to change the size of the 1st 
from *CHAR 7 to *CHAR 10.  This utility is pervasive, being called from 
places (yea, it's proved very useful <g>).

I cannot change the utility first because it will immediately break. 
me on this, the current version of the utility uses the SPCVAL differently
than what the new version will.)

In my testing, it appears that I can call this utility command with the
calling program's variable being defined as *CHAR 10 (and the utility's
still being defined as *CHAR 7) and it works.  Therefore I could change 
283 locations as time permits, then change my utility.

Does this sound reasonable?


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