So, the reason for this article would be...?  Aren't all computer systems 
having this same issue, why is ours being singled out?    
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Here is the article in Computer World, still there today.
Its title is:

Companies fail to properly secure IBM System i hardware, study says

Subtitle is: Few restrict or monitor access to data on the systems

If the link gets chopped up by e-mail, go to Computerworld, search for 
iSeries Security, or elements of the title.

Here is another article, in IT Jungle, on the same study ... shorter url, 
less likely to be chopped up by the e-mail

the study, that the articles are discussing, is available by registering 
here ... both articles have links to get you there.

Here is IBM in Q+A about the above ... basically in agreement that IBM 
supplies great security, but the customer has to use it properly ... it is 
like selling someone a lock, and a key that is never used. ... except IBM 
neglects to say that THEIR lock and key are not that simple to use, in our 
real world.

To see what can happen when we take a careless or cavalier attitude about 
the importance of computer security.  Your 
employer can get on this list, with your name associated with some snafu, 
in Internet archives for all time.

For our security responsibilities, per a competitor of the company that 
authored the study.

Are you able to access this page, I can not.

This thread ...


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