To make this an apples to apples, you need to look at the TCO of the
Linux box over, say, 3 or 5 years:
- Purchase price
- Installation & configuration time
- Domino license
- Hardware warranty costs.  Include OS/Domino support costs.
- Include some staff time to administer.  May not be much, but it will
be >0.
- Include cost or opportunity cost of another server in the rack (space,
heat, power, switch port, etc.)
- Backup solution/integration
- BC/DR implications

Assuming you have an open disk slot or two, I'd like to know how the
above compares to the purchase price of a single disk (added to a RAID5
set) or two mirrored disks to an iSeries. For the iSeries, the costs for
most of the above are nil; they're already covered by the rest of the

There may also be accounting/tax implications: Are these capital assets
with a write-down schedule?

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