Maybe this from an older post will work.

To fix your system attention LED on a single-image system,
you need to  connect to ASM via one of the ports marked HMC1 or HMC2 on the
back of the machine.

Since you have no HMC for the 520, you'll need to set the IP on your PC to if you want to use port HMC1 or to use port HMC2.
(The system sets itself as and, so you really
can use any other IP other than 147, but 1 is easy...)

Do **NOT** plug the HMC ports in to your corporate LAN, it will pick up a
DHCP address and is very hard to identify after doing so.  You will just be
running a cable between this temporary PC and the CEC of your 520.

Once you configure your PC (let's say you're using HMC1 port) to have IP
address, plug the cable from your PC's ethernet card in to the
HMC1 port.  You should get a link.  Point your browser to and click yes or OK through any warnings.  You will
to Advanced System Management.  Once you're in there (you'll need to sign
with "admin" - the password by default is "admin" and will need to be
changed if you've never signed-on here - you can change it to be the same
password if you want), navigate through the menus until you find the one
that says "System Attention LED" and click the button to turn it off.

The bad thing is that the LED on the system will turn on and not turn off
until you've acknowledged any errors.  It's not like systems of old whose
LED turns off when you fix the problem.  Take a look through the error logs
(also in ASM) to ensure nothing is wrong before you sign out.

YMMV on this procedure, but if everything is default and set up correctly,
it should work.  Make ABSOLUTELY sure you go to httpS or it won't work.

Justin C. Haase


Bryan Dietz
Aktion Associates

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