What makes a Windoze box go out of date is Microsoft-- they release the latest version of Office/20xx-- with new features that everyone 'needs'... or a new file format that the existing versions can't read.

In the first case, as soon as anyone in the office 'needs' the new feature, everyone has to have a copy to be compatible.

In the second case, everyone has to upgrade so that they can read the files that everyone else is creating.

--Paul E musselman

I'm curious, what makes a Windows box "go" out of date. Sure, older
boxes may not support newer technology, but if you're looking for a
simple text-based interface, isn't DOS still viable?

To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing in the Windows codebase
that causes the OS to expire, or stop working, after a year or so.
Upgrades are driven by a quest for the new features of new versions
because the business requires them. If the business needs didn't change
I see no reason that the Windows OS would have to.


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