> Hmm! Does VI show the break at 132 as well?

VI will wrap the text so that it fits on your screen.  If you change the
width of your terminal emulator, VI will change the point at which it
wraps the line.

(Unlike the iSeries, where terminals are always 80 or 132 cols, on Unix
they can be anything...  if you use software terminal emulator, such as an
xterm, gnome term, PuTTY, etc, you can adjust the width by dragging the
edge of the window, like you would in a typical Windows application)

If you hit the down arrow to move down to the next line in VI, it will go
to the next record, no matter how many physical lines it occupies on the
screen.  That could be used to determine if the data is wrapped for
display, or whether the record is actually broken up.

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