Thank you for the tip, I will try it out and report back here.

Regards from Germany,

Neil Palmer/DPS schrieb:

PTF MH00152 (for APAR MB00694) should fix the UPS signal cable problem, but it isn't available yet. Try in about a week.


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2004/10/22 17:10

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Re: Installing i5 520

I stand corrected: all i5 520/550/570 systems have the *same* new UPS connectors: it's a DB9-like connector which needs an FC1827-cable adaptor to speak to normal UPS-Systems. Still I could not manage to get any message from my UPS to the OS/400 side, although I loaded MH00133 and other PREREQ- PTFs, it is still deaf.

Sorry for any confusion with my statement below,

Philipp Rusch schrieb:

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- then there is much fun with the UPS cable, the 520 has two ports
looking like the familiar DB9-UPS connector, but they are male
connectors now ! You will need an adaptor for your favourite UPS-
device, then. I did not manage the powerware 9125 device to speak
to the i5 through the delivered cables, though. IBM is working on
that case, an APC device we tested with the same cable / adaptor did
not work, too. No signalling is arriving at the i5 system.
The 550 has an RJ45 connector for the UPS signalling cable which needs
a very special DB9 to RJ45 adaptor (FC 1827) and some PTFs to make it
work. You'll have to order PTF number MH00133.
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