I just installed 3 of the 520's in 5 days. Yes, after you connect the 
system to power you should wait until it goes through a few checks and 
displays "01 A (or B) M (or N) before you press the Power button to power 
Also, if you ever need to force the power off, after selecting a Manual 
IPL you used to press the Power button and get the question mark in the 
panel, and you would press it again and it would go off.  Now, as the box 
is getting nore and more like a PC, you must HOLD the power button in to 
force the power off.

Unlike previous releases, th enew systems will not default to a twinax 
console if they were ordered with Ops Console and you need to change to 
Twinax for some reason (ordered incorrectly, missing cable, your PC with 
Ops console is WIndows 98 or ME (no longer supported) or has Win 2000 with 
SP4 (problem unless you have a Microsoft fix - you can get around that by 
installing iSeries Access V5R3 on the PC) you can no longer just plug in a 
twinax console and have it default to that (must be some reason they did 
that, but it sure was nice to have that to fall back on before).  There IS 
a was to change the console selection through the front panel (contact IBM 
support if you must do that).

Yes - they are fast - but I still want my blinking light.  I think of it 
like Linus' security blanket.  :-)


Philipp Rusch <philipp.rusch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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2004/10/05 19:13
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Midrange Systems Technical Discussion <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Re: Installing i5 520

I few things that made me wonder when installing my first i5-5xx
(meanwhile three installs):

- when powering on the system it takes a long time to "power cycle"
until you can press a button on the panel and you can expect a reaction.
This means, the mainboard or SPCN cards or whatever are doing an
IPL of their own for some minutes sometimes(!) (SRC C1xxx xxxx)

- when going through a normal IPL sequence the first time WITHOUT HMC
console, be sure to shorten the two HMC console ports on the rear of
the base system case with a RJ45-ethernet-patchcable in before , so that
the machine recognizes thet there is no HMC to search for. Otherwise
it takes a long time for the IPL or it even ends IPL abnormally, not
finding the twinax console. Leave the cable there, it doesn't do any
harm, although they want to fix this behaviour with a ptf, as I have
been told.

- On 520 systems the twinax controller for the main console has to be
in slot C04, no other position guarantees the function of it 100%.
We had to exchange cards in the middle of the night after being
advised by the ibm hotline, although the machine came equipped like
 that, very funny !!!

- then there is much fun with the UPS cable, the 520 has two ports
looking like the familiar DB9-UPS connector, but they are male
connectors now ! You will need an adaptor for your favourite UPS-
device, then. I did not manage the powerware 9125 device to speak
to the i5 through the delivered cables, though. IBM is working on
that case, an APC device we tested with the same cable / adaptor did
not work, too. No signalling is arriving at the i5 system.
The 550 has an RJ45 connector for the UPS signalling cable which needs
a very special DB9 to RJ45 adaptor (FC 1827) and some PTFs to make it
work. You'll have to order PTF number MH00133.

- as Neil Palmer already noticed, there is no processor light on the
i5 5xx anymore, you have to watch the disks activity LEDs, which
are not very bright, so sometimes you have to guess, if there is cpu
activity at all.

BUT: the systems are lightning fast, it is unbelievable !

HTH, Philipp Rusch

Luis Rodriguez schrieb:

>Without the HMC.
>Luis Rodriguez
>>message: 10
>>date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 14:24:45 -0500
>>from: rob@xxxxxxxxx
>>subject: Re: Installing i5 520
>>With, or without an HMC?
>>Rob Berendt
>  Luis Rodriguez

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