The reason I prefer the CLRLIB before restore is MAYBE some files were 
intentionally deleted from the library you are restoring from, and if you 
don't clear the target library first those files will remain in that 
library when maybe they shouldn't be there.


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Re: Breeding like rabbits!!!

Changing your restore parms to mbropt(*all) and alwobjdif(*all) will
keep this from happening too

every time the file gets restored

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 02:35:36 -0500, Neil Palmer/DPS <neilp@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
> You restored different versions of files that already existed in the
> library you restored into (different file level identifiers) so the old
> versions were kept and renamed with the '0001' etc on the end.  When
> completely refreshing data on the test machine you should have done a
> CLRLIB first.
> ...Neil
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> Breeding like rabbits!!!
> Hello All,
> Can someone throw some light on this for me I was looking through a
> library on our test box and noticed loads of files with a 001/2/3 etc
> suffix and 'Old name for.....' in the text. Now I looked on the 
> box and these do not exist in the library there. I did a restore a week 
> so ago to the test box so is it something to do with that? I always put
> '*ALL' in the relevant places (allow object differences, etc.) when
> completely refreshing libraries like that on the test machine.
> In all my years I have never noticed this phenomenon before.  Is it a
> setting somewhere that I know not of?
> Best regards
> Steve
> Steve Raby
> GEP Contractor (Mulix)

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