I have tried my method "several" different ways...

apparently INCREL can not be used with a variable that
contains an "expression"..(I can't figure out "why")

I thought it was a good idea until it threw up all over
the screen...

OPNQRYF works just fine using my method.... CPYF DOES NOT.

Dan Bale wrote:

Bleahh.  Thanks, but bleahh.  This would be a last-ditch, "absolutely have
to get it running" solution.  Beyond just the kludginess of it, anything
running from QCMDEXC doesn't get logged to the job log.

I've tried at least ten variations, including trying to substitute the
entire INCREL parm with a variable.  Nothing works.  I think I would use an
OPNQRYF / CPYFRMQRYF combo before I bleed too much more time on this.

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