I just found the following in the V5R3 Memo to Users. I think it confirms what 
I was questioning, although I was hoping for a more explicit statement 

Changes to system QIGC value 
Prior to this release, the system value QIGC (DBCS version installed 
indicator), was set on if a DBCS version of OS/400 was installed. In V5R3, any 
NLV can support DBCS, so this value will always be set to on. If you have 
applications that check this value, you should update them to use the job level 
DBCS indicator. You can find more information about this indicator in the 
Retrieve Job Information (QUSRJOBI) API.

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Subject: SBCS Primary w/ DBCS Secondary on V5R3?

I am under the impression that with V5R3 we are now able to have DBCS secondary 
languages on a system with an SBCS primary language. I even found a reference 
to it in the midrange-l archives, stating that all V5R3 systems are DBCS 

However, I am having trouble confirming this in the IBM docs (sales manual, 
Info Center, System Handbook). Can anybody point me to an IBM doc that states 


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