I must be having a senior moment here. On a V5R2 machine, I just ran a 
CPYF command where I substituted a variable in a CL program. The shortened 
version of the statement was this: 

crtfile(*no) increl((*if ptcmpy *eq &coa) +
(*and ptloc *eq &loc) (*and ptpart *eq + 
&part)) fmtopt(*map *drop) 

In this example, ptloc is a 6 character field. The variable I entered were 
the 4 characters 0893. I was expecting to retrieve 1 record based on the 
combination of the ptcmpy, ptloc and ptpart fields. What I got was 7 
records because the same part number exists 7 times for the company I 
requested. The location field in these 7 records looks like this:


Why did CPYF pick up all 7 records? When I ran the command from a command 
line, and I typed 0893 as the value of the location. I got all 7 records. 
When I made the value '0893  ' it worked fine. I need this to have an 
absolute value, not a "looks like".

Paul Nelson
Arbor Solutions, Inc.
708-670-6978  Cell

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