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>I am running into the same issue.  That is why I have been trying to add
>their certificate to our system.  But the problem I am having it the root
>certificate is self signed and not in our CA and I have not been able to
>import it.  What you have to do is start DCM and select *System.  Then
>import the CA.  Not at the office so I do not have all the necessary steps
>in front of me.  If you are successful, please post the steps to this list.
>Chris Bipes 
Well I was able to import the certificate and use it for SSL FTP!

1) The issuer (EDS) emailed me the certificate in a text file.

2) I FTP'ed it from my PC to the IFS.

3) In DCM, after selecting the certificate store, expand 'Fast Path' in the
left-hand menu and select 'Work with CA Certificates'.

4) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on 'Import'.

5) Enter the path and filename of the certificate to be imported

6) After it is imported, expand 'Manage Applications' in the left-hand menu
and select 'Manage Applications'

7) Select Define CA Trust List.

8) Select Server or Client (in my case, client)

9) Select the application (in my case OS/400 FTP).  Oddly, even after
completing the process, the 'certificate assigned' column shows 'None
Assigned'. and click on Define CA Trust List.

10) Select the CAs you want to trust and click on OK on the bottom.

At this point, I was all set.


Gord Hutchinson
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TST Overland Express
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