Have you taken a look at Scott Klement's FTPAPI open source project?  It
can be found at http://scottklement.com/ftpapi/  Although I haven't
actually used it myself I have used his HTTPAPI code for a secure file
upload via HTTP.  It does a good job and makes life a lot easier for those
of use still getting our feet wet on Web applications.

Dave Parnin
Nishikawa Standard Company
Topeka, IN  46571

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I am attempting to set up an SSL FTP connection to EDS using the AS/400 FTP
client.  We are at v5r2.  Most of the references I have found so far are
setting up a secure server.

I am able to contact the EDS FTP server.  I get the 'Welcome' message and
'AUTH OK' message.  At the point the connection hangs and eventually times
out.  In a windows client, I believe this is where the server is offering a
certificate for the client to accept.  My problem right now is how to
simulate this on the 400.

I have created the *SYSTEM certificate store.  I *think* I need to get EDS
to send me a copy of their certificate in a text file which I would then
import using 'Manage Certificates' in DCM.

I also don't understand the idea of managing applications and trust list.
Do I define a single application for SSL FTP or a separate one for each
But how do I tell it what application to use when the FTP is called?

Any help will be gratefully accepted.  Unfortunately, I need to get this
working by the end of the week!


Gord Hutchinson
Database Administrator, IT
TST Overland Express
fax: 905-602-8895
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