If you want to change someone else's active job and there's been no prior 
preparation, it'll take some fancy programming -- you might want to try this 
request over on the MI400 list instead. But if you're willing to create a 
structure to allow this in the future...

One old example -- Use a break-handling program on a message queue to execute 
commands that you send to the Queue.

You can assign the message queue to the job in an initial program, but I'd 
prefer doing it in a routing program in the interactive subsystem. The routing 
program would create a message queue with a unique name, perhaps just 'MQ' plus 
the six-char job number from RTVJOBA. (Set the authority so not just anyone can 
send messages to it.) Then CHGMSGQ to assign the break-handler and end with 
TFRCTL QCMD. Though you'll want to firm that up -- error processing, etc. -- 
that may be about all there is for the routing program itself.

Then while the job is active, you can do a SNDMSG 'ADDLIBLE mylib' 
TOMSGQ(MQ123456), and the break-handler can receive message and execute the 
command via QCMDEXC or QCAPCMD or however you want it done.

There are dozens of ways to cleanup orphaned message queues in case you worry 
about ending up with thousands of old queues hanging around after a while.  One 
possible way to minimize that would be to have the routing program send a scope 
message that ran at end-job time to run a program to release the break-handler 
and delete the associated queue. Or use the QIBM_QWT_JOBNOTIFY exit point 

You can probably get it working with a couple dozen lines of CL plus whatever 
you need as a regular full cleanup. Shouldn't take a terrible lot beyond that 
to make it really nice.

Tom Liotta

midrange-l-request@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>  11. ADDLIBLE to a user's library list (fkany@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
>I want to allow a user to test a program change.  I want to place the test
>program in my library then add my library to the user's library list so
>that when they try to access the original program the test program will run
>instead.  This is only a report program with no PF file updates so it will
>be safe to test in a LIVE environment.
>If the user had command line access I would just tell them to type ADDLIBLE
>MYLIB on the command line.  How can I add my library to their library list
>for them?

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