I was looking at the API's here for something that would fit my needs:

But let me back up first.  What I am trying to do is to verify someone's 
signon.  Let's say I have an FTP exit point program.  Currently I have 
dummy users in this here file.  When someone signs on as this dummy user I 
use this file to check what they are allowed to do, and to what iSeries 
user profile do I assign them.  In other words, they do not need a 
traditional iSeries user profile to sign on.  PHB says that I now have to 
store all users into our LDAP.  Currently our LDAP is in Domino, but that 
shouldn't matter.  What I want to do is to query that ldap server for this 
user and password and see if it is valid.  Once I get past that hurdle, 
then I want to be able to query other fields in the ldap.  I'm a little 
new at this ldap stuff.  Granted I've created a Domino database, and use 
the directory assistance database to join that with our names.nsf to serve 
up a LDAP.  And I've successfully tested that with a few different 
applications.  (Like pointing a browser to ldap://gdisys01:636).

Other point(s) of consideration:
SSL will be involved, (hence the 636 in the above example).

Have any of you used these api's or otherwise been able to query an LDAP 
from a program, (for grins let's say RPG)?

Rob Berendt
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary 
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." 
Benjamin Franklin 

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