Close,  ADDWSE PCKATO* for the new subsystem AT(*SIGNON) and the same but
AT(*ENTER) for QINTER.  The QINTER will not grab PCKATO* at the signon
screen.  DO NOT REMOVE the *all WSE.

Chris Bipes

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One method.  You will need the ADDWSE PCKATO* for your new subsystem with 
AT(*SIGNON).  You need to remove the *ALL Workstation Entry from QINTER, 
but this may entail adding a whole host of other wild card names to pick 
up other devices not to be allocated to your new subsystem (A* B* C* D* 
etc. - and handling devices other than PCKATO* beginning with P will be 
fun).  Or possibly you could use type entries, if all devices in MYINTER 
are a specific type that are not used in QINTER.

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