On Mon, 22 Jul 2002 Jeffrey.Schmehl@colaik.com wrote:
> I know this has been asked several times but I'm not sure if there is a
> solution yet.  Is there any resolution to the problem of telnet sessions
> getting disconnected periodically.  It's happened to me twice already today
> and when you connect to 10 systems and have to log on again it becomes very
> annoying.

The problem is that there are many, many different things that could cause
this symptom.  There isn't a single answer that will help you.

You should start by eliminating possibilties...   Disconnect the '400 from
the network and connect it directly to a PC using a crossover cable.  If
that still causes problems, then it's either the software, cable or
network adapters.  (At least you've narrowed it down to only 5 possible

If that worked, then you can connect just your PC and the AS/400 to the
hub/switch and see if that periodically disconnects, etc.   Keep trying
different items down the line until you find out where it's failing.

If you can't afford to tear things apart just to fix this, then the other
alternative is a get someone who's familiar with TCP at the packet level,
and use a network sniffer to see what's going on.   Check the packets at
various different points on the network, and see where things are failing.

If this is happening from many different AS/400's, then most likely the
problem is either a hub/switch/router or the network adapter in the PC.

Of course, there could also be two different problems going on at once
which both cause this symptom... so this could be very difficult to find.

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